I’m Fiona Anderson.

I have a unique range of skills as a coach, trainer and writer. And I’m happy to share those skills with you to help you use the power of stories.

I’ve worked as a print journalist and as a producer for the BBC at Newsnight and in its Asia and America News bureaux. On 9/11, I led the reporting team in New York for the first frantic 3 days of the story. I was invited to train BBC journalists to write and present better.  I also trained as an executive coach, which improved my own training skills no end, and gave me greater insight into what makes a really good leader.

I became a journalist because I was curious about people and wanted to hear their stories. I was never much interested in the already famous, I always sought out stories about individuals who were trying to change their world for the better. I remain fascinated by the power of stories and my focus now is on helping others to work out what their stories are and to find their own voices to tell them. I’m especially interested in working with talented disabled people  to help them get into and on at work.

I’m committed to coaching people to become better leaders, who bring courage, compassion and creativity to their leadership.

I love training journalists to be great storytellers. And I can help charities get their stories in the media.

Read on to find out how I can help you use your story powerfully in your own leadership, work and life.

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I’m based in West London and can travel anywhere in the UK or globally.

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