Getting it right first time

The struggle for funding during the recession means charities have to get their message right first time when working with the media.

I’m keen to help charities get their story spot on so their executives and board members can deliver a polished and confident performance in interviews. I’m happy to share my insights from years of being on the other side of the camera and of training reporters and presenters how to ask questions and push for answers.

I enjoy working with staff members who as the everyday face of an organisation can help tell your charity’s story in a direct and authentic way.

I can give guidance on how to get your story into the media, and how to harness the power of social media to get more attention from potential supporters and funders.

I can also help plan what to do if your charity ends up in the news unexpectedly. While a negative story can be unwelcome, the way you respond to it makes all the difference to how quickly your organisation’s reputation recovers.


Recent clients include The Back Up Trust , the National Trust, The Landmark Trust, Eurofusion and Carlsberg.

“Fiona is a warm and inspiring trainer. It could have been really challenging, but Fiona made the full day informative and fun. It gave each and every one of us the confidence to be sure we would be on message”. 

Louise Wright, CEO, The Back Up Trust

“I’d have to say it was one of the best training days I’ve ever attended. Please pass on my thanks to Fiona, it’s hard to imagine a more knowledgeable trainer”.

National Trust delegate

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