Waiting in the Hallway

It’s still the holiday season in my house which is my excuse to repost a thoughtful piece from Psychology Today by Dan Mager about getting comfortable with uncertainty.

I don’t think we need any of the big side-swiping life events he describes to unsettle our foundations, for me the uncertainty of life with Brexit and Trump is already enough to disturb my sense of security. He describes well the sense of groundlessness I’ve experienced these past months which has stopped me writing.

I agree with him that clarity is often a self created illusion (how many  of my Buddhist teachers have told me so?) and I know from experience that it is hard to stick with “not knowing”.

But I believe if you can bear to let the wheels spin for a while,  a new and more creative direction will emerge. Myself, I am still waiting in the hallway for the next door to open, with some awareness and a few skills.

Read Dan’s thoughts here:  https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/some-assembly-required/201805/can-you-be-okay-uncertainty

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